Heart of God Church Experience

Build a strong church—with youth.


Youth are not just leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders today.

When you invest in and empower youth, they will take your church to the next level. We know it's a radical concept. But in Heart of God Church:

85% are actively serving in a ministry
1 in 3 are leaders
After 18 years, our average age is still 21

We don’t claim to be the experts. We're still building the plane as we fly. But we’ve discovered a lot along the way - some good, some bad, some ugly. In HOGCx, we'll share all these with you and more. Learn how to apply the principles and the system that we’ve refined over the last 2 decades, so you can more effectively build a strong church.

Join us for the Heart of God Church Experience to find out more.


What is HOGCx?


The Heart of God Church Experience (HOGCx) is a training program specially designed to help Senior Pastors, Youth Pastors and Church Leaders build, not just a big church, but a strong church.

  This is NOT a conference. Conferences are great for inspiration, but how do you translate the glitz and the glam to your regular weekends? That is why HOGCx is designed to let you see what church is like on a normal week. It is not a souped-up version of our church. It's the real deal.

      Plus, beyond the sessions, we pull back the curtains and show you what’s under-the-hood, behind-the-scenes and in the engine room—the dirt-and-grime of everything it takes to run a church operated by youths, for youths, to reach youths.

Each HOGCx is limited to 100 people, so you won't just be a face in the crowd. Get to ask questions, connect and build real relationships that will help you take your church to the next level.


What We Cover


Session Topics Include:

  • 5 philosophies to build a strong church

  • 5 non-negotiables of youth leadership

  • Effective evangelism—How to win 1000 souls in 3 months

  • Teens and transitions—how to keep them through the crucial years

  • From lost to leader—how to take someone from newcomer to planted to leadership

  • How to start and maintain a youth revival for 15 years

  • Analyzing church growth

  • ...and more!

Connect Group Experience

Learn how to plan and run vibrant connect groups

Youth Service Experience

Experience the passionate worship atmosphere of close to a thousand 12-16 year olds

Ministry Behind The Scenes

See how youths are trained from scratch to run service at a professional level

Q & A with Senior Leaders



One of the first questions, we always get asked is, “Is HOGCx a conference?”
Well, no. It’s not a conference.
In fact, God specifically spoke to us not to run a conference, at least not for now. 
Conferences are great for inspiration. But they are designed to showcase the best of what a church can offer. That makes it harder to draw the connections to our everyday reality.

HOGCx is all about learning to build a strong church.
It is about effectively doing church every single week.
That is why we deliberately run HOGCx on a normal weekend.
Because you can’t build a strong church with just bells and whistles, gimmicks or tactics.
That is also why we share with you both our triumphs and our failures.
So you can learn from our mistakes, instead of making them yourself.
Our goal is to give you clarity on what it takes and what to focus on so you can effectively build a strong church for Jesus.

But what we teach, will require putting your hand to the plough.
We’re not saying it’s easy, but it will be worth it. Because – “A big church may not be strong, but a strong church will always grow big.”

Pastor How & Pastor Lia
Senior Pastors, Heart of God Church


We want to ensure you get an in-depth, up close and personal experience, so each HOGCx is limited to 100 slots. Don’t miss your opportunity.

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JAN 14 & 23, 2018 (FULL)
Includes Leaders' Service with John Bevere on Jan 14
Includes Q&A with Pastor How on Jan 23

April 19 - 24, 2018 (FULL)
August 16 - 21, 2018



“If you’re thinking, ‘Is it possible that I could ever build a church with youth?’ then Heart of God is a place for you to come and see.”

John & Lisa Bevere

Founders, Messenger International (USA)
International Speakers & Bestselling Authors
(Bait of Satan, Without Rival etc.)


Over 650 pastors and leaders from 100 churches have joined a HOGC Experience.
You could be next.

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